Imec offers researchers and entrepreneurs the chance to test and co-develop their innovative solutions thoroughly with their target audience. In that way products and services are better and have every chance of success on the market.

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Our imec.livinglabs research includes users early on and all through the innovation process. This approach provides a solution to innovation thresholds and challenges such as:

  • Capturing, understanding and validating users’ interactions with products and services, at an early stage. 
  • Transforming ideas into prototypes users can interact with in their daily context.
  • Shaping ‘(minimum) viable products’ through an iterative, agile process. 
  • Designing business models through stakeholder analysis and go-to-market definition.

We conduct living labs research for innovative digital solutions. We also build customized living lab projects to tackle your challenges; from the fuzzy front-end to the market introduction of your product or service.

Imec.livinglabs is a leading organization in the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL), drawing upon a state-of-the-art living lab toolbox that consists of scientifically validated R&D methods. Through our living lab projects, we continuously validate, improve and expand these methods and their supporting tools.

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Every year the imec digimeter report brings us up to date on the ownership and use of media (technology) among the Flemish population. The digimeter research is quite unique and has been keeping a close eye on the Flemish media user since 2009.

Discover the digimeter 2016 insights here.

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