Founders Anonymous - Leadership, Stress & Conflicts

14 & 15 April, 2020 - Online

Working on a start-up can be exciting and fun. However, this endeavour is full of demands that can impact founders’ life: how they sleep, feel, perform, or their relationships. Startup life sucks you in and you’re constantly rethinking and iterating your business model, your product offering, your UI, your marketing and sales approach, your… This constant process tends to blind and wears out even the best of us. That’s why every now and again you need to take a step back and look at what you are doing from a distance. That’s why every now and again you need to look in the mirror and question whether you are doing the right things or just doing things right. That’s why every now and again you need to have deeper conversations with other Founders because they are the only ones who can truly understand you. Conversations that allow you to break through the conscious and unconscious assumptions that are holding you back from achieving the results you want. The Founders Anonymous is a meetup of Founders which facilitates such conversations. 

This Founders Anonymous will be spread over two online evening events.

April 14th. Talk by Korneel Desmet - in English

The first evening will focus on team-efficiency & tools to stay focused. Korneel Desmet, co-founder of re-treated will give an interesting talk on this matter, followed by a discussion. 

About  Re-Treated
Re-Treated is a community of entrepreneurs, creatives, investors, athletes and beyond. Ambitious people, connected through a limited series of offline mini-sabbaticals; carefully curated, surreal gatherings at remote locations. Re-Treats range from short learning safaris to personal growth expeditions. They are aimed at thriving in a busy world, and spark deep, lasting human connections.

April 15th. Group Conversation - In Dutch

The second evening, participants set the agenda by sharing what’s going on in their life as a founder. Veerle Huygen, co-founder from Shots of Ginger will moderate the discussion. This can be anything going from working with co-founders to keeping your passion burning, balancing your professional and private life, struggling with investors, your morning routine, the impact on your health,… If it’s part of your life as a Founder, anything goes.

The aim of the Founders’ Anonymous is to open up your perspective, by sharing, by listening, by giving feedback, by asking questions, by being present. It’s a moment to slow down, catch a breath, connect deeper with your inner drivers and other Founders. One of those moments you need to accelerate afterwards.

About  Shots of Ginger
As an entrepreneurial couple Jochen Bessemans and Veerle Huygen know first-hand Startup life means. They combine this experience with the insights they have gained over the last 5 years through their involvement in transformation projects, in building teams and communities, as mentors and advisors to founders, CEO's and managers. In this time span, they have facilitated over 300 people in various group trajectories. Earlier this year they launched Shots of Ginger, an initiative to empower entrepreneurs and their teams.


  • Tuesday, April 14th             Talk by Korneel Desmet      19u30, in English via LiveStorm
  • Wednesday, April 15th      Group Conversation             19u30, in Dutch via Zoom

Note: Bring your own drinks and food! We will send the links to the participants per email. 


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