September 17-19, 2019 / Brussels, BE

AutoSens – The International Award-Winning Automotive Sensor and Perception Conference & Exhibition

AutoSens is a 3-day workshop, conference and exhibition – providing the perfect backdrop for the continuation of technical discussion concerning the future of vehicle perception technology.

Imec will have two speakers on this event:

  • Barend Van Liempd on in-cabin driver monitoring and gesture recognition enabled by 145GHz radar 

Next-generation driver assistance needs new technologies to support driver alertness, or driver monitoring. The driver monitoring system checks the driver’s level of vigilance via non-contact sensing. In this slot, we present the latest R&D on radar technology for in-cabin driver monitoring. The radar is used for non-contact and through-clothing detection of micro-skin movements like respiration, heart rate and heart rate variability. Additional use cases include detection of a baby-left-behind, or gesture recognition for non-contact dashboard control is presented.

  • Wilfried Philips on early and cooperative sensor fusion – benefits and practical experience 

Sensor fusion (radar/video/lidar/…) is obviously beneficial for autonomous driving and ADAS, but fusion also increases system complexity. “Late” fusion of independently operating sensors such as radar, LiDaR, cameras limits this issue by a modular approach: However, late fusion does not fully exploit the potential of data fusion. 

The talk will introduce imec/Ghent University research on other types of fusion: “early” fusion combines unprocessed thermal and RGB video into enhanced video for driver assistance. Cooperative radar/video/LiDaR fusion incorporates decision feedback and results computed by other sensor modules into low level sensor processing. All of this will be illustrated on data from measuring campaigns in Ghent and Antwerp.

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