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07 - 09 December 2020 | Online

ECOC is the largest conference on optical communication in Europe, and one of the most respected and long-standing events of its kind in the world. ECOC 2020, from 20 to 24 September 2020, will be the 46th edition, which indicates the stability and the attractiveness of this conference as one of the world’s major events in the field, providing a prime forum for new developments and results in optical communication techniques and networks.

ECOC travels around Europe from year to year and now returns to the Benelux region. Alternating between the Netherlands and Belgium, ECOC 2020 will be back to Brussels where it was for the first time in 1995, marking the start of the link between a commercial exhibition and the conference and then back in 2008. In response to the increasing interest in the field of optical communications both in research and industry, the event has grown since then, both in size and importance and has successfully withstood the internet-bubble and the crisis in the telecommunication industry. Since a few years ECOC is again growing in size, importance and impact and ECOC 2020 will continue on this élan with even more exhibitors and papers from all over the world. ECOC 2020 is organised by IMEC, the Inter-university Microelectronics Center, a world-leading independent research center in nanoelectronics and digital technology.


Imec will be present with a virtual booth. Please reach out if you want to learn more about our SiN, Si Photonics or MPW offering.

Following papers have been accepted:

Invited tutorial: “Programmable Integrated Photonics”
Bogaerts, Wim; Chen, Xiangfeng; Zand, Iman; Wang, Mi; Deng, Hong; Van Iseghem, Lukas; Rahim, Abdul; Khan, Umar; Ghent University - imec

Invited demo: “Demonstration of a Scalable Distributed Antenna System Using Real-Time Bit-Interleaved Sigma-Delta-over-Fiber Architectures”
Wu, Chia-Yi; Meysmans, Caro; Li, Haolin; Van Kerrebrouck, Joris; Caytan, Olivier; Lemey, Sam; Bauwelinck, Johan; Demeester, Piet; Torfs, Guy; Ghent University - imec

Extended regular paper: “60 GHz Resonant Photoreceiver with an Integrated SiGe HBT Amplifier for Low Cost Analog Radio-Over-Fiber Links”
Singh, Nishant (1); Van Kerrebrouck, Joris (1); Caillaud, Christophe (2); Demeester, Piet (1); Yin, Xin (1); Torfs, Guy (1); (1) Ghent University - imec (Belgium), (2) III-V Lab (France)

Extended regular paper: “0.3pA Dark Current and 0.65A/W Responsivity 1020nm InGaAs/GaAs Nano-Ridge Waveguide Photodetector Monolithically Integrated on a 300-mm Si Wafer”
Ozdemir, Cenk Ibrahim (1); De Koninck, Yannick (2); Yudistira, Didit (2); Kuznetsova, Nadezda (2); Baryshnikova, Marina (2); Van Thourhout, Dries (1); Kunert, Bernardette (2); Pantouvaki, Marianna (2); Van Campenhout, Joris (2)
(1) imec / University of Ghent (Belgium), (2) imec (Belgium)

Highly scored regular paper: Ultra-Dense III-V-on-Silicon Nitride Frequency Comb Laser
Cuyvers, Stijn (1); Haq, Bahawal (1); Op de Beeck, Camiel (2); Poelman, Stijn (2); Hermans, Artur (1); Wang, Zheng (1); Roelkens, Gunther (2); Van Gasse, Kasper (1); Kuyken, Bart (2)
(1) Ghent University - imec (Belgium), (2) Ghent University (Belgium)

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