Founders Circle

Causal networking amongst imec.istart founders

May 30, 2018 at ING - Lange Gasthuisstraat 20, Antwerp


Starting up a business is a leap into the unknown. You make plans but you can't anticipate everything that will come your way. So, you will have to improvise quite a lot of times.

Well, that is exactly what’s on the menu for Founders Circle on May 30.

Belgian improvisation talents will make up scenes based on your input. Join us for the ride. It is going to be fun, hilarious and you might just get inspired for your own future.

Your companions will be –

  • Jeron Dewulf: Actor, standup comedian, TV personality, international improvisor and winner of the 2006 world championship improv in Berlin
  • Rishi Panchasara: Belgian improvisor, leading man in Belgian improv league
  • Laetitia Vandueren: Upcoming improv talent in the Belgian improv scene. See her, remember her, and know you've seen her before the rest of the world did.

Next to that, Founders Circle is a good occasion to catch up with fellow start-up founders and imec innovation managers during a casual after-work event with drinks & pizza.


18:00 - Pizza & drinks

19:30 - Improvisation theatre on entrepreneurship and founder issues

21:00 - Networking & drinks

Practical info

Participation is free, but registration is required



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