FutureSummits Demo Tours

An absolute FutureSummits hotspot is our 2,000 m² exhibition area: an exciting & interactive showcase of 55 research demos, prototypes with imec technology inside, and high-potential solutions by imec start-ups.

Imec organises different demo tours on specific domains, such as smart cities, smart health, smart industries and artificial intelligence. An expert in the field will guide you through the demofloor and will surprise you with our recent technology breakthroughs and prototypes in our imec application domains.

Below you find the list of demo tours to choose from. I you have not yet registered for FutureSummits please do so here as this form is not a registration for the event. A ticket for a guided tour is only possible once registered for FutureSummits.

Don’t miss the FutureSummits Demo Tour!

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