Growing your business in China

Following to the Voka mission to China earlier this month, the City of Ghent, Voka and imec are inviting you to this business and networking event during which 3 speakers will share their vision on doing business and growing in China.

In the past 30 years, China has become a global powerhouse and a major market for foreign companies.  At the same time China is changing from ´Made in China´ to ´Designed in China´, focusing on innovation, upgrading of the existing economic sectors and high-tech. This means that the business landscape has changed dramatically. With a middle class of 300 million people, 800 million online and most patent applications now coming for China, foreign companies need to understand what this means for them, and what opportunities this creates. 


Sven Agten has been living and working in China since 2004. He speaks Chinese fluently and has extensive business experiences in China as he set-up Joint-Ventures, managed several foreign companies and has large network among Chinese companies and entrepreneurs. Besides contributor in newspapers and magazines, he is also author of ´Hoe maak ik het China (Lannoo, 2017)´ and ´So schafft man China´ (Springer, 2018) which describes the economic and social trends, and business opportunities and challenges of the new China. He is also mentor at China accelerator, China´s biggest start-up accelerator, and top investor globally.  

Peter Tanghe has worked in the high tech industry in China for 10 years as a managing director for Accenture. He was responsible for transformation programs at private Chinese tech enterprises Huawei and Lenovo, and for the development of the go to market alliance between Huawei and Accenture. He has lived in Beijing and Shenzhen and has developed a broad local network. He is now working with tech scale-ups to develop partnerships for business development and product development in China, and splits his time between Ghent and Shenzhen.

In his presentation, Peter will talk about tech innovation and partnering.

Maarten Michielssens (Group CEO of EnergyVision, Ghent) is an internationally awarded energy expert and entrepreneur. He holds several patents and has built a client portfolio that spans over 1000 projects in 15 countries. EnergyVision achieves more than 60 million EUR yearly turnover in China.
Maarten will share his experiences on doing business in China and how the company has grown in the region.

Join us on May 8th in Ghent!

This event is supported by Flanders Investment & Trade and the Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce.


  • 13:30 - Registration 
  • 14:00 - Welcome
  • 14:15 - Presentation by Sven Agten – Chinese innovation landscape - how to do and grow your business in China
  • 15:15 - Testimonial by Peter Tanghe - Smart devices & local partnerships
  • 15:45 - Maarten Michielssens - a testimonial about doing business in China
  • 16:15 - Panel discussion with Q&A
  • 16:45 - Reception
  • 17:30 - End


Co.station Ghent
Oktrooiplein 1


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