Human Genome Editing

Organised by Leuven MindGate in cooperation with imec and UZ Leuven.

Genome editing is a powerful new tool for making precise alterations to an organism’s genetic material. In this way it is possible to edit, add or even delete some of the genetics of plants, animals and humans in a precise, affordable and quick way. 

Human Genome Editing

14 December 2017
16h30 - 20h30

The central question of this visionary seminar isn’t whether or not we will use human genome editing, but in which way and for which applications we will use it.

Following speakers will show you what the future is made of:

  • Eric Legius , Prof. KU Leuven – Center for Human Genetics
  • Adrian Liston, Research Director of Translational Immunology VIB, Prof. KU Leuven
  • Hilde Van Esch, Prof., Deputy head of clinic UZ Leuven, Center for Human Genetics
  • Kris Dierickx, Prof. KU Leuven – Interfaculty Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Law
  • Pieter Peeters, Senior Director Computational Biology at Janssen Pharmaceutica and Araz Raoof, Head of External Early Drug Development Europe at Janssen Pharmaceutica
  • Wim Robberecht, Chairman of the programme, Prof.KU Leuven, Chairman UZ Leuven 


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