Introduction to Nanoscale CMOS technology: Process flow and process modules

March 4-6, 2020 | imec, Leuven, BE

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Why participate

This course covers the general CMOS process flow, how a circuit is manufactured starting from a clean wafer up to a final circuit ready for test, dicing and packaging. Challenges for the general process flow and for the different process modules are discussed.

Get an overview of the state of the art CMOS process flow.

Who should attend

Process and tool engineers, hardware engineers and their managers, IC designers, ... who want to understand the process steps of an advanced CMOS technology should attend this course. This course also addresses process equipment sales staff, who need to understand the world their customers operate in. It also targets people who need to have a complete overview in CMOS process modules, and it will allow unit step experts to position their expertise in the global process flow.

Program overview

CMOS introduction, chip production and further scaling
Fin process
Gate patterning
Gate stack
Epitaxial growth
Ultrashallow junctions
Advanced lithography
MEOL: PMD and contacts
CU integration


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