Silicon PV conference

9th international conference on Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics

8-11 April 2019
Leuven, Belgium

Thinking back about the 2nd edition of SiliconPV in Leuven in April 2012, SiliconPV has since been able to take a unique position in the plethora of yearly PV-conferences.

It has established itself as the Conference where in-depth new scientific insights and reviews in crystalline Si-based PV are combined with presentations on high-performance devices based on technological excellence.

Mon, April 8th
A Study of Metal Contamination on n-Type Silicon Cell Material
Joachim John, imec

Tue. April 9th
Woven Multi-Ribbon Interconnection for Back-Contact Cells: Extending the Functionality of the Encapsulant
Rik Van Dyck, KULeuven/imec

Wed. April 10th
Efficiency Gain in Plated Bifacial n-Type PERT Cells by Means of a Selective Emitter Approach Using Selective Epitaxy
María Recamán Payo, imec

Efficiency Roadmaps for Industrial pPERC+ and nPERT+ Cells
Loic Tous, imec

Thu. April 11th
Current status and outlook for industrial nPERT cells
Loic Tous, imec

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