SPIE Photonics West

February 1-6, 2020 / San Francisco, US

The leading event for the worldwide photonics industry

Access cutting-edge research in biophotonics, laser technologies, and optoelectronics materials and devices. Expect a full week with over 5,200 technical papers, 65 course and workshop options, notable plenary speakers, and plenty of networking opportunities. Plus, come find the latest products and devices driving technology markets at the BiOS Expo and Photonics West Exhibition, featuring 1,400 companies, 50 industry events, and a Job Fair.

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Visit us at booth 3189 to talk to our experts on topics like hyperspectral imagers, 3D imagers, thin film imagers and AR/VR applications.

At upcoming SPIE Photonics West (Feb 1-6, San Francisco, USA) Imec, a world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies, presents three important novelties in its hyperspectral imaging portfolio: a mobile version of its SNAPSCAN hyperspectral camera in the visible & near infrared range (VNIR); a video-rate snapshot hyperspectral camera in the short-wave infrared (SWIR) spectrum; and a new hyperspectral imaging technology platform dedicated to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). 

The main requirements driving hyperspectral imaging are form factor (mobile, light weight), broad-spectrum capabilities (VISIBLE, NIR, SWIR..) and snapshot acquisition at video-rate or faster speeds. Imec made significant development progresses in all these three domains. Continued efforts in building an internal team for hardware-to-software system-level R&D solutions, have resulted in further integration of its unique spectral filter on pixels created via CMOS-based chip technology.


Date: Wednesday 5 February 2020
Time: 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Location: Industry Stage, Hall DE (Exhibit Level)

Talk title: Photonic Integrated Circuits for LiDAR

Speaker: Marcus Dahlem, Principal Member of Technical Staff

Speaker Bio: Marcus Dahlem received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from MIT in 2011. He joined imec in 2018 as Principal Member of Technical Staff, working on photonic integrated circuits for optical beamforming and LiDAR applications. Prior to imec, he was with Khalifa University (Abu Dhabi), IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, University of Porto, and Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering of Porto.

Talk abstract:

Emerging LiDAR systems focus on reducing their dependence on mechanical scanning devices. Over the past years, optical phased arrays (OPAs) have gained visibility for this application. In this talk, we present an overview of automotive LiDAR systems (ToF and FMCW) and the building blocks required for their enablement through OPAs. In that perspective, we focus on imec’s developments of industrial-grade integrated photonic platforms (Si/SiN) to support on-chip optical beamformers. In particular, we demonstrate 2D beam steering enabled by wavelength sweeping and phase shifting. We address all devices and platform metrics specific to OPAs for LiDAR (e.g. coherence length or phase errors), and present recent progress on laser integration, low-power phase shifters (e.g. liquid crystal and thermal), as well as on-chip calibration schemes (e.g. integrated detectors and compact interferometers). These building blocks are key enablers of compact and low-cost solid-state LiDAR systems.

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