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Imec at SuperNova

Set your innovation in motion. And move the future.

From September 27-30, SuperNova in Antwerp is a one-of-a-kind event where visionary solutions, technologies and insights come together.

Below you can find an overview of imec's contributions to SuperNova for start-ups, scale-ups & investors, industry, smart cities and curious citizens.

Imec at SuperNova

For start-ups, scale-ups & investors

Accelerating tech start-ups. Turning nanotechnology into business.

For industry

De-risking and accelerating nano- and digital tech innovation.

For smart cities

Let's design a smart city together.
Discover Antwerp's Digital Twin at SuperNova.

For curious citizens

Join us to create a brighter future.


Full overview

Imec booth

Tech fair | Conference pass needed on Thu & Fri (9h-19h) | Free access on Sat & Sun (10h-18h)

Imec.istart: Europe’s number 1 University Business Accelerator.

  • Joined by imec.istart companies: SiteManager, AirShaper, On-Hertz, Buffl, Deliverect, Shayp, Treespoke and Kadonation

Imec.xpand: capital fund targeting entrepreneurs who want to be part of the next wave of nanoelectronics based innovation.

  • Joined by EYEco eyeCO, Onera and Mousensor 

Imec services: supporting you with hightech solutions throughout the entire innovation life-cycle.

Antwerp's Digital Twin: a virtual city of Antwerp for testing smart-city scenarios.


Conference, Thu & Fri | Conference pass needed

Thu 14.19h: Luc Van den hove, President & CEO imec: ‘New perspectives creating radical innovation’

Fri 13.52h: John Baekelmans, VP imec & General Manager imec the Netherlands and Jan Adriaenssens, Director City of Things: ‘Meet Antwerp’s Digital Twin, virtual playground for smart cities’

Investor pitching

Thu & Fri | Investor pass needed | Detailed program info can be obtained from SuperNova

Participating imec-related start-ups and scale-ups:

Technology demonstrators

Various locations and timings (see below) | Free access

De Techpeditie: Imec’s travelling pop-up exhibition with interactive application- and technology demonstrators. 
In front of MAS | Thu to Sun 10h-18h

‘Hyperspectral imaging for food sorting’: imec demonstrator at the FlandersFood booth
Tech Fair, Flanders Food booth | Conference pass needed on Thu & Fri (9h-19h) | Free access on Sat & Sun (10h-18h)

‘LEDs for indoor positioning’: imec demonstrator in the 'Work Pavilion' (in collaboration with FlandersMake)
Expedition, Work Pavilion | Leon Van Parys building | Sat & Sun 10h-18h

‘Love to the beat: are you in sync with your partner?’: Imec demonstrator
Expedition, Living Pavilion | near Urban City | Sat & Sun 10h-18h

‘Antwerp's Digital Twin’: Virtual Reality environment of the city of Antwerp, developed by imec and TNO (NL)
Imec booth | Tech Fair | Conference pass needed on Thu & Fri (9h-19h) | Free access on Sat & Sun (10h-18h)

City of Things engagement booth

@De Techpeditie in front of the MAS | Thu to Sun 10h-18h 

Demonstration of City of Things use cases and opportunity to join the test and focus groups.

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