How our imec.istart ventures doubled their follow-up funding in only 1.5 years

... and isn't that what accelerating is all about?

Over the years, our startups have become increasingly successful at closing follow-up funding. Last year, we celebrated the 100 million milestone and now imec.istart is ready for another celebration! Together, the companies in our portfolio have managed to procure a funding total of over 200 million. What’s even more remarkable is that the amount doubled in only 1.5 year.

Let us take you through some observations.

1. Follow-up funding accelerates

It took 7 years to raise 100 million euros in follow-up funding. Yet, only 1.5 year passed until the imec.istart portfolio businesses raised the next 100 million. Funding finds its way into our ventures much faster than before. And we are confident that this is only the beginning of the typical snowball effect.

follow-up funding accelerates

Total of follow-up funding secured per year since the start of our acceleration support.

2. Top 10 funding champions

More than 50% of the 200 milion was raised by our ‘funding top 10’ imec.istart ventures.
By November 2019, 4 ventures exceeded the funding cape of €10M: Datacamp, UgenTec, Ontoforce and Seaters.

  1. Datacamp
  2. UgenTec
  3. Ontoforce
  4. Seaters
  5. LindaCare
  6. Spott
  7. SDNsquare
  8. PieSync
  9. Viloc
  10. Deliverect

Top 10 of most successful ventures to raise follow-up funding.

3. Belgian investments dominate

76% of all funding comes from Belgian investors, including both government funding and investments from business angels, venture capital funds, corporates and banks.

Belgian investments dominate

Percentage breakdown of investments origin.

4. Growing % of Series A

Imec.istart helps its portfolio companies close Series A rounds faster and faster. UBI Global analyses confirm that our efforts in this domain are successful.

Growing % of Series A

Percentage breakdown of type of investments.

5. Grants, grants, grants

The ventures in our portfolio increasingly gain access to (VLAIO) grants which is of course a consequence of the fact that technological innovation remains a very important parameter to get selected by imec.istart. Grants also help to build up the value of the venture in a non-dilutive way (as they don’t impact the amount of shares held by the founders).

Grants, grants, grants

Percentage breakdown of type of funding.

6. Exponential funding growth in LearnTech

Although HealthTech and MediaTech remain leading sectors in terms of capital injection, LearnTech is seeing its investments rise exponentially – nevertheless helped by an extra large round secured by Datacamp.

Exponential funding growth in LearnTech

Percentage breakdown of investments per sector.

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