AI applications in key domains

Soon, artificial intelligence will change every aspect of our lives. Here are three example domains that benefit from the added value of AI technologies.

AI applications in healthcare

Already, chip technology makes bioanalysis more accessible and increases the possibilities for connected health solutions. The result is a wealth of medical data that artificial intelligence can turn into insights about our current and future wellbeing.

Imagine a world where we will be more in control of our own health. And where the role of our doctor will shift to understanding data and coaching us about the right decisions.

Read more about the use of AI in healthcare, including the ethical pitfalls we need to avoid.

AI applications in industry

This is how most of us imagine – sometimes anxiously – the future of artificial intelligence: robots working with, or even replacing humans on the factory floor. And indeed, the first cobots are already in action today.

But there are numerous other ways in which AI can help to make your industrial production more efficient, safe and tailored. Such as using object recognition and AR to help with complex maintenance tasks.



Discover how AI optimizes workflows, and even opens the door to new business models.

AI applications in mobility and logistics

The streets of our future smart cities will be filled with:

  • autonomous vehicles equipped with sensors and connection technologies to safely find their way around
  • smart infrastructure – such as traffic lights – that uses data to adjust itself to the behavior of its users
  • information systems that help citizens to move around in the most efficient and environmentally friendly manner

A lot of the required technologies, such as 5G networks and radar sensors, already exist. The challenge will be to make them work together. In this, AI will play a crucial role.

Dive into the possibilities and challenges of AI in mobility and transport.

Which AI applications do you see for your business?

Any process that is based on, or generates data, could benefit from artificial intelligence.

If you want to explore the possibilities of AI in your domain, imec is ready to assist your research by:

  • developing technology prototypes, such as powerful IoT sensors
  • creating algorithms
  • offering IoT testbeds
  • ...

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