Citizens in the City of Things

Putting citizens center-stage in pursuit of a smarter, better and more sustainable city life

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Meeting urban challenges

Building a real smart city is not about cramming it with new technology. It is, instead, about leveraging that technology to address – and help solve – the ever-growing number of urban challenges, towards a more sustainable city and better quality of living. But how can we achieve that without involving the ones that will benefit the most from these innovations – its residents?

Citizens as the driving force behind smart city innovation

The City of Things project aims to turn Antwerp into a large-scale, real-time and real-life living lab for smart cities. The Antwerp citizens will be a driving force behind any technology implemented in the city, as they are invited to brainstorm, test, validate and co-create all innovations, from mere ideas, concepts or issues they feel should be addressed to real products and/or services in different development stages.

By participating in the City of Things program, citizens can make their priorities and preferences known. To be successful, smart city technology should take into account the vision of the city residents. For citizens, City of Things is a unique opportunity to shape the smart city solutions of the future.

Secure, hack-proof and safe solutions

One of the concerns that people often have when thinking about smart cities is privacy and data security. To make sure that citizens’ data is only collected and used in a correct, safe way, respecting individuals’ privacy, we’ve set up a team of experts in this field. Their job is to investigate how we can make all these apps and devices – as well as the data they are generating and gathering – secure, hack-proof and in line with the privacy concerns of the citizens.

Help us design the city of the future!

Do you want to map out the city of the future? Are you interested in becoming one of our co-creators? Or do you just want to be the first to test brand-new smart city applications?

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