With the COVID-19 pandemic, imec has taken several measures to protect the health and safety of the imec community and to limit the impact on the continuity of imec, on our operations, our research and our commitment to partners. We want to emphasize that imec is committed to keep on fulfilling its role as a global R&D center delivering to its partners and stakeholders. 

You are most likely aware that in Belgium, as in many other regions, we are operating under a set of strict measures. As many of our activities can be done remotely, homework has become the default way of working for these activities. However, the fab and labs are the beating heart of imec, feeding our research. Therefore, we are doing everything that is possible to guarantee the key operations of our fab and our labs

For that purpose, we have categorized our personnel, working in separate teams without physical interaction and designated back-up teams. For the people onsite, we have installed very strict social distancing measures, as well as additional hygienic measures for our infrastructure. All guidance is in line with the local policies related to gatherings and distancing. Our aim is to maintain the best operational level as long as possible. 

Together, we will do everything we can overcome of this difficult period in the best possible way.  

Take good care of yourself, your colleagues and your family. 

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