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Data science and data security

Imec turns unstructured multimedia data into usable information.

Our data science researchers deal – amongst other things – with data quality, how to interpret and visualize data from different sources, and how to turn data into valuable information and (ultimately) knowledge.

Fusing semantic intelligence and artificial intelligence into a single focus, imec’s research teams across the various Flemish universities aim to solve five crucial data science research challenges.

Data extraction

A major challenge of current (big) data systems lies in the provision of high-quality information suited for downstream analysis purposes. Why? Because the data at hand are often irrelevant, redundant, noisy, inconsistent, incomplete or unstructured. 

Imec research groups at UGent and KU Leuven are devising innovative cleansing, completion and feature extraction approaches to extract reliable information from raw data.

Data mining

To make sense of big heterogeneous data, imec research groups at UAntwerpen, UGent and KU Leuven devise innovative mathematical/signal representations, statistical models, (deep) machine learning architectures and semantic reasoning techniques. They allow the analysis of distributed and non-distributed data in resource-limited and resource-abundant settings.

Data visualization

Data visualizations enable deep insights and new hypotheses. They can be aimed at a multitude of endpoints: 2D, autostereoscopic and light field displays and – the holy grail – holographic representations. They can be static or allow for rich user interaction such as brushing and filtering. 

With the increasing size and complexity of datasets, the challenge of computational and perceptual scalability needs to be addressed. Imec research groups at UAntwerpen, KU Leuven and VUB alleviate this issue by distributed storage and computing as well as compression and visualization of the multimodal source data.

Machine learning

Big data analysis algorithms, statistical methods, querying engines and decision support heuristics all share one aspect: they are created to benefit us, humans. However, we lack the capacity to manually process all this data and its often highly technical analyses. 

Imec targets the design of personalized and intelligent operational decision support agents who reason over the data for us. They provide us with understandable conclusions and recommendations.

This requires:

  • deep learning – multilayered processing and algorithmic abstraction to make data patterns learnable
  • transfer of learning – the application of knowledge across problem sets

Both are specialties of imec researchers at UGent and KU Leuven.

Data security

In the research domain of privacy and security, three long-term research challenges have been identified:

  • enabling secure cloud computing solutions
  • securing the Internet of Things
  • ensuring data protection with an emphasis on privacy

Imec’s security research aggregates more than 140 imec-KU Leuven researchers who’ve built up a top-notch track record of collaboration with academia and industry, both at a national and an international level.

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  • In addition to our research activities, we also work with industry partners to develop practical solutions that help them make the most of their data.

Why work with us?

  • Imec’s data research builds on a unique combination of expertise in semantic intelligence (understanding how meaning is made and interpreted) and artificial intelligence (creating algorithms that detect patterns and extract knowledge out of raw data).
  • Imec is a frontrunner in speeding up search algorithms and linking distributed data.
  • Imec develops algorithms that will help future visual search interfaces serve up only the most relevant and valuable information by quickly and accurately predicting relationships and connections between different pieces of data.
  • Teams at imec are already working with industrial partners to develop and deploy self-learning, multi-sensor robots that works seamlessly — and safely — with humans on one and the same assembly line. 
  • Imec is a key player in the international research community tackling the challenges of establishing data trust. It is also one of the only groups in the world working on data provenance reconstruction.

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