Flemings think the internet is a positive force, but ‘digibesity’ on the rise

Supported by the positive reputation of the internet in Flanders, online banking and e-commerce remain popular, especially among 30-49 year olds, with mobile banking growing in popularity. Crowdfunding, online accommodation platforms and ride sharing remain relatively unknown and/or unused services in 2016. Online privacy concerns are mainly the province of those older than 40. More Flemings report feeling dependent upon a greater number of digital devices and sources of media (‘digibesity’).

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Prof. Dr. Lieven De Marez

Head of imec - Ghent University - MICT

Each year since 2009, imec releases the digimeter report, revealing new insights into media and technology adoption, use rate and opinion trends among citizens of Flanders. A singular research project, digiMeter brings valuable information about Flemish media users available to institutions, companies and the general public. 

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