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imec.digimeter 2017

Since 2009, the annual imec.digimiter report has offered the most recent information about the possession and use of media & technology in Flanders. The findings are based on imec’s annual survey of 2.345 Flemings aged 15 and older.

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Since 10 years, imec counts on you to participate in the digimeter survey. A survey, filled in by thousand of people. It's nice and useful too!

The internet is everywhere, young people have become entirely one with their smartphones, and emerging technologies such as virtual reality are advancing like never before. Or better, we think so. To what extent are these assumptions also true? How many Flemings now really have an internet connection at home, and what does the youth itself think about his or her smartphone use?

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Six in ten Flemings impose rules on themselves to control smartphone use

According to the new imec.digimeter report, the end of the digibesity phenomenon is not yet in sight.

The latest figures – based on a survey of more than 2,300 Flemish people – show that the use of digital services is booming, and digital dependency is rising, especially among those in their 20s and 30s. However, Flemings appear to be aware of the presence and effects of digibesity, with six in ten smartphone users spontaneously imposing rules on themselves to keep smartphone use under control. However, they also admit that doing so is difficult in practice. This is why imec.digimeter researchers have expanded their study this year with a ‘Mobile DNA’ app that allows respondents to map out their media usage in detail. These new insights form the basis of their ongoing research.

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Interact with the media evolution in 2009-2018

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"Less than a third of Flemings still have a regular GSM, while smartphones continue to gain users."


"Smart wearables are quickly gaining traction in Flanders, with smart sports watches and fitness trackers firmly at the forefront."


"The number of Netflix subscriptions in Flanders is growing fast, but still lags behind the Netherlands and the UK."


"Facebook remains firmly at the top as Flemings’ most popular social network, but Instagram and Pinterest show significant growth in number of monthly users."

Home applications

"Smart home applications have piqued the interest of Flemings, but only a small number has already used them, indicating a source of untapped potential."

Digital applications

"Many Flemings are convinced that the use of digital applications causes them to spend less time with their families, or compels them to be in touch with their work constantly."

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