Changing viewing habits amid Flemings under 45, online music platforms increase in popularity

For half of Flemings, the linear viewing of television remains part of their daily routine. Having said that, we are seeing an increasingly clear gap between people under the age of 45 and those who are older. For the over-45s, the share of watching television live is stable compared with last year, whereas there has been a significant drop for viewers under 45.

Social media, news websites and YouTube are still the main ways of accessing online video on a day-to-day basis. Taken monthly, there are just as many Flemings who watch video content via the online service of a Flemish broadcaster (for example the VTM app or the VRTnu website) or provider (such as the Yelo Play app from Telenet) as do via Netflix. Platforms such as Twitch and Popcorn Time have a substantial group of users in the 16-24 age bracket, although their coverage is limited outside this group.

Computers and smartphones are the most popular ways of accessing music. Only among the over-65s are CD players and television sets used more to listen to music. YouTube and Spotify remain the most used online music platforms. They also recorded growth compared with 2017. Apple Music, on the other hand, continues to struggle in gaining a foot in the door in Flanders.

Playing digital games is a monthly activity for half of Flemings. For the over-55s, we see a fall in this number, particularly for gaming using a computer and tablet.

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Infographic Video, audio & gaming | imec.digimeter 2018

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Prof. Dr. Lieven De Marez

Head of imec - Ghent University - MICT


Olivier Rits

Program Manager imec.livinglabs

Digital Transformation? It takes two to tango

Biggest conclusion of Digimeter 2018 is that consumers are building a more grown up relationship with their digital partner. It takes two to tango; the consumer expects of you, companies who offer digital solutions, that they are involved as a full-fledged partner in your new digital innovations.

The success of an evolution to an AI and data driven economy are largely dependent on the consumer’s trust in the technology and the companies behind that technology. Digimeter shows that only 10% has no confidence in technology en two thirds of consumers see clear advantages.

More then ever transparency in data use and business models will be a differentiating factor in the digital playing field. We will stay on top of attitudes to AI and data driven products and services, on the one hand through Digimeter and on the other hand through organising user testing in real contexts for next generation digital solutions. This way consumers and companies can explore the advantages of digital technology together.

Is your company working on digital innovation? Do you have an idea, a first prototype or an almost finished product, but are you missing real life feedback of potential end users? Contact Olivier Rits.

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