EEG headset

An electroencephalography no longer needs to be a complicated affair of patches and wires. Imec’s EEG headset combines user comfort with low-power technology, which opens doors to new therapeutic possibilities.

Taking EEG out of the lab

EEG brain scans have been around for a long time to diagnose medical conditions like epilepsy or sleep disorders. Recently, they have also proved to be useful in wider therapeutic contexts such as VR-based cognitive treatments, cognitive skill improvement and rehabilitation.

For these applications, however, traditional EEG technologies fall short. They take too much time to set up and literally chain the test subject to the machine. Imec’s low-power wireless EEG headset, capable of real-time attention and emotion detection, liberates the EEG from the lab.

Tap into our expertise

All-in EEG headset

Imec’s wireless EEG headset contains the necessary technology for real-time cognitive state detection:

  • Pre-fitted dry electrodes co-created with our partner Datwyler record the electrical activity of the brain.
  • Built-in and advanced software takes care of the processing visualization of these signals.
  • Through a headphone jack and Bluetooth connection, researchers can influence the participant’s emotions.

New research avenues

Since you don’t need expertise in electrode placement, setting up an EEG with this device is a matter of minutes. And the user can comfortably wear it for hours. That opens exciting therapeutic possibilities such as:

  • VR cognitive treatments for conditions such as autism and ADHD
  • cognitive improvement through sensory stimulation

Start from imec’s clinical-grade headset to build your own groundbreaking technology solution.

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