Eye-tracking glasses

Our eye movements speak volumes about our mental health. Imec’s eye-tracking glasses allow you to record them exactly and ergonomically.

Eye-tracking with EOG

Most eye-tracking devices use cameras. Accurate? Yes, but also rather uncomfortable for the user, who has to wear a bulky device that can support the electrical and computing power needed for this technology.

Imec’s eye-tracking glasses are based on wireless electro-oculography (EOG). Because of that compact and low-power technology, these glasses can be worn comfortably all day long. And that opens avenues of medical possibilities.

Tap into our expertise

Easy on the eyes

Imec’s eye-tracking device might look like a regular pair of glasses, but it’s packed with integrated technology:

  • dry electrodes measure the skin electrical potential around the eyes.
  • Miniaturized electronics interpret electrical signals to calculate the eye movements. The sample rate is no less than 256 samples per second.
  • Bluetooth connection enables wireless data transmission.
  • Thanks to exceptional power efficiency, the battery lasts for over 10 hours.

Endless perspectives

The result is a device that’s more versatile than traditional eye-tracking technologies. You can it use both for:

  • short tests, thanks to its quick and easy set-up
  • continuous, long-term monitoring in everyday life, because of its ergonomic design and long battery life

Use this imec prototype as your starting point for developing a revolutionary medical research tool. For example, for the exploration of neurodegenerative diseases that affect eye movements, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia. Or for the monitoring of the rehabilitation process after a stroke.

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