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and& Leuven

21 - 25 April 2021 | Online

And& festival Leuven revolves around 21 pressing questions for the 21st century. The event brings together speakers from all over the world to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow in an interdisciplinary and innovative setting.

And& Leuven is a five-day event focusing on innovation, high-tech, health, and creativity. The festival attracts speakers from all over the world and brings them together in an interdisciplinary setting. This year, the various speakers tackle 21 pressing questions for the 21st century. The central question? We want to innovate for the better. But: what is better?

The and& festival will go online for this edition. The various lectures will be broadcast from different locations in Leuven, the Innovation Capital of Europe. And& is based on five pillars: the conference, the Entrepreneurial Summit, Play, Music & Arts, and the Leuven iCapital show.

  • Conference (April 20-22): during the conference, more than 100 renowned speakers from all over the world will hold lectures and discussions on 21 questions for the 21st century. The central question within this conference: How can we build a better future together? Luc Van den Hove, President and CEO of imec, will speak at the conference within the question "Innovate for the better. What is better?" In addition, Anne-Marie Van Asbroeck, Tomas Ambra, Eline Bracke, An Jacobs, Jan Adriaenssens, Michael Peeters and Mieke De Ketelaere will also make their appearance at the conference.
  • Entrepreneurial Summit (April 21): the theme of this year's Entrepreneurial Summit is the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. During the Summit there will be various discussions about entrepreneurship, exciting lectures and industry meetings. Sven De Cleyn and Bernard De Groeve will speak at the Summit.
  • Play (April 23-24): Play focuses on the designers of the future: children. Play explores what "Innovate for the better" means for them and offers tools to deal with tomorrow's life.
  • Music & Arts (April 20-25): in the Music & Arts pillar, contemporary artists and producers let loose on technology and design in a series of audiovisual installations.
  • Leuven iCapital Show (24 April): Leuven has been chosen as the Innovation Capital of Europe! During this show, and& takes visitors behind the scenes to discover what Leuven owes this title to. Several remarkable technological developments and pioneers are put in the spotlight in the iCapital show. Peter Peumans and Wouter Van Den Bosch are featured in the show #gezond.


Imec is a “super” partner of and&. There are several imec-speakers that will hold talks at and&:



  • Luc van den hove – CEO

Question: Innovate for the better. What is better?
Practical information: opening night on 20 April, 20h – 22h

  • Michael Peeters – VP R&D Connectivity

Question: Why isn’t innovation more diverse?
Practical information: 21 April, 08h30 – 09h30

  • Jan Adriaenssens – Director City of Things

Question: What makes cities life-sized?
Practical information: 22 April, 09h40 – 10h40

  • Anne-Marie Van Asbroeck – Program Lead Mobility & Logistics

Question: Will human mobility change fundamentally?
Practical information: 22 April, 13h10 – 14h10

  • Eline Bracke – Digital Health Innovation Manager

Question: How human-centered should innovation in health be?
Practical information: 22 April, 12h00 – 13h00

  • An Jacobs – Principal Investigator SMIT & professor at the VUB

Question: How human-centered should innovation in health be?
Practical information: 22 April, 12h00 – 13h00 

  • Tomas Ambra – Logistics Research Lead

Question: Will industry lead the green transition?
Practical information: 22 April, 14h25 – 15h25

  • Mieke De Ketelaere – Program Director AI

Question: Why don’t we listen more to nature?
Practical information: 22 April, 15h35 – 14h35



  • Bernard De Groeve – Director, Strategic Clients & Partners, Belgium

Session: Under the hood – research & academics for the future
Practical information: 21 April, 9h45 – 10h45

  • Sven De Cleyn – imec.istart Program Director

Session: The Color of Money – Part 1 (Capricorn)
Practical information: 21 April, 14h45 – 15h15



  • Wouter Van den Bosch – Program Manager Public Health

Show: #gezond
Topic: ChoirBox
Practical information: 24 April, 10h – 11h

  • Peter Peumans – CTO Health Technologies

Show: #gezond
Onderwerp: SARS-CoV-2 test
Practical information: 24 April, 10h – 11h

More information about the show #gezond

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