01 - 03 February 2022 | Riyadh front expo centre, Saudi Arabia

Tech & humanity

LEAP aims to solve the major challenges facing humanity through the large scale investment in game changing technologies that have the potential to reshape the way we live.

  • The major societal and humanitarian issues are addressed by global thought leaders and renowned experts from business, finance, politics and academia.
  • Solutions to those issues are exhibited by genius tech innovators and enterprises. And then the innovation is ignited by global investors and major tech buyers.


Talk by Jo De Boeck:

Deep tech needs a broad ecosystem: how to unleash the next disruptive wave

The fourth innovation wave is a tale of bits and molecules – thriving on technologies such as nano- and molecular engineering. Start-ups are important drivers. But they need access to infrastructure and expertise for a wide portfolio of technologies. This session shows you what such a deep-tech ecosystem could look like.

Talk by Chris Van Hoof

An ingestible sensor a day keeps the doctor away: precision health through chip and digital technology

What if we could prevent health issues by making personalized adjustments to our diet and lifestyle, based on the insights of a digital twin? This session reveals the possibility of such a scenario, realized through advanced modeling of real-time data captured by miniaturized sensors – for instance, a smart pill.

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