/OFC 2023

OFC 2023

07 - 09 March 2023 | San Diego, USA


Visit us at booth 5205 to talk about Photonics

IEEE Photonics Award

Established in 2002, the award is presented for, but not limited to: light-generation, transmission, deflection, amplification and detection, and the optical/ electro-optical componentry and instrumentation used to accomplish these functions. Recipients are selected by the Technical Field Awards Council of the IEEE Awards Board. Congratulations to this year’s recipient, Roel Baets, Ghent University - IMEC, Belgium

Tuesday, 07 March

Panel on LiDAR Systems and Technologies with Integrated Photonics - 14:00–16:00 - Room 7AB
Long Chen, Cisco, USA; Sylvie Menezo, SCINTIL Photonics, France; Shilong Pan, Nanjing University Aeronautics & Astronautics, China; Milos Popovic, Boston University, USA Speakers: Philippe Absil, IMEC, Belgium; Hyunil Byun, Samsung Electronics, Republic of Korea; Sen Lin, Aurora, USA; Clement Nouvel, Valeo, G

Description: LIDAR, i.e., “laser imaging, detection, and ranging”, is a 3D scanning technology using optical signals. Soon after the invention of lasers, LIDAR was put in use in areas such as meteorology, geography, and military applications. For example, in 1971 during the Apollo 15 mission, astronauts used a laser altimeter to map the surface of the moon. Such LIDAR instruments for remote sensing are widely used today.

Wednesday, 08 March

Panel on  Advanced Packaging Technologies for Optical Modules - 08:00–10:00 – Room 6C
Molly Piels, Juniper Networks, USA; Juthika Basak, Nokia, USA; Omer Khayam, Google, USA; Joris Van Campenhout, IMEC, Belgium Speakers: David Gomez, X-Celeprint Inc., Ireland; Alexander Janta-Polczynski, IBMBromont, Canada; John Martinho, Ranovus, Canada; Edward Preisler, Tower Semiconductor, USA; Sandeep Razdan, Cisco, USA; Sebastian Skacel, Vanguard Automation, Germany; Hasham Taha, Teramount, Israel

Description: As the baud rate, channel density, power and cost efficiency continue to scale up in optical modules, more advanced packaging technologies are being introduced to optical modules. Such packaging technologies include electronic and photonic ICs integration schemes, laser packaging/integration techniques, optical fibers or other optical connections, etc. packaging schemes that are developed at wafer foundries, outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) companies, and component and module suppliers. This panel aims to highlight various technologies and stimulate discussions on how advanced packaging can help/shape the future optical module development.

Talk on Highly Optimized O-Band Si Ring Modulators for Low-Power Hybrid CMOS-SiPho Transceivers -  15:15-15:30 – Room 6C
Yoojin Ban, imec / Minkyu Kim, imec / Peter De Heyn, imec / Davide Guermandi, imec / Filippo Ferraro, imec / Natarajan Rajasekaran, imec / Peter Verheyen, imec / Pieter Bex, imec / Junwen He, imec / Hakim Kobbi, imec / Jeroen De Coster, imec / Rafal Magdziak, imec / Dieter Bode, imec / Sebastien Lardenois, imec / Nicolas Pantano, imec / Dimitrios Velenis, imec / Joris Van Campenhout, imec

Description: We present O-band Si ring modulators with up to 58pm/V electro-optic and 610pm/mW thermo-optic modulation efficiencies and >24GHz modulation bandwidth, enabling a hybrid CMOS-SiPho transceiver with error-free operation at 40Gbps NRZ.

Thursday, 09 March

Talk on Micro-Transfer Printing for Silicon Photonics - 14:00-14:30 – Room 1AB
Gunther Roelkens, Ghent University - imec, Belgium.

Description: We describe our work on heterogeneous photonic integrated circuits realized using micro-transfer printing, a versatile integration approach for the integration of III- V semiconductors, LiNbO3 and silicon photonic/electronic chiplets on Si/SiN photonic integrated circuits.

Talk on III-v-on-Silicon Nitride Narrow-Linewidth Tunable Laser Based on Micro-Transfer Printing -  15:45-16:00 – Room 2
Biwei Pan, Ghent University - imec / Jerome Bourderionnet, Thales Research and Technology / Vincent Billault, Thales Research and Technology / Arnaud Brignon, Thales Research and Technology / Sarvagya Dwivedi, IMEC / Marcus Dahlem, IMEC / Cian Cummins, IMEC / Sandeep Saseendran, IMEC / Nga Pham, IMEC / Philippe Helin, IMEC / Nicolas Vaissière, III-V Lab / Delphine Néel, III-V Lab / Joan Ramirez, III-V Lab / Jean Decobert, III-V Lab / Johanna Rimböck, EV Group / Ruggero Loi, X-Celeprint / Alin Fecioru, X-Celeprint / Emadreza Soltanian, Ghent University - imec / Jing Zhang, Ghent University - imec / Bart Kuyken, Ghent University - imec / Gunther Roelkens, Ghent University - imec

Description: We demonstrate a narrow-linewidth tunable laser through micro-transfer printing a pre-fabricated III-V gain section on imec’s 200-mm Si/SiN platform. Lasing in distinct bands in the C+L band is demonstrated, with linewidth down to 2.87-kHz.

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