Smart implantable devices

Minimally invasive implants for extremely accurate stimulation of nerves

Our expertise

As a pioneer in nanoelectronics, imec can give you access to the latest advances in silicon chip technology. Uniquely, imec not only has the equipment and processes in place for high-quality manufacturing, but it also has the flexibility to set-up dedicated manufacturing processes for innovative designs.

Imec develops miniaturized, implantable chips with extremely high electrode density for fine-grained recording and stimulation of nerves. The ultrathin implants are biocompatible and flexible. They are extremely well suited for minimally invasive implantation of future-generation haptic prosthetics.

Want an overview on the technologies you need for the next generation of implantable devices? Download our white paper.

Key benefits

  • High-electrode density: very precise recording and stimulation of nerves,
  • Ultrathin, flexible and biocompatible allowing minimally invasive implantation
  • Available for low to high-volume manufacturing

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