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Sensor network testbeds


Imec's test beds are built upon our comprehensive multidisciplinary sensor, connectivity, data management and data security know-how, as well as our extensive living lab expertise.

Our multi-sensor environmental monitoring platform features sensors for temperature, relative humidity, NO2, CO2, VOC (volatile organic compounds), particulates, ambient light, sound, vibrations and presence detection. Our test platform is suitable for indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring and control.

Our solution

  • Seamless large scale operation
  • Interoperability
  • Service guarantee (reliability, latency, power, network density)
  • Low cost installation and maintenance
  • Over-the-air SW updates
  • Easy commissioning 

Our sensor network test platforms are deployed in different locations, for indoor as well as outdoor air quality monitoring. 

Use our test platforms to evaluate your sensors and radios, to send data, or to develop or evaluate your own smart IoT application. 


  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Buildings

City of Things

In the city of Antwerp, we are deploying a sensor network with 100 gateways spread across the city – virtual gateways for potentially tens of thousands of wireless sensors worn by local residents or attached to vehicles, traffic infrastructure or buildings. 

The network technology of our test beds is heterogeneous and not based on a single solution or protocol; it understands a full range of communication standards, such as Zigbee, WiFi, Cellular, LoRa, SigFox and others.

Behind the sensors and gateways is an infrastructure for storing data and analyzing it in real-time. This infrastructure is technology-neutral and offers an extensive set of tools for converting data into real knowledge and valuable insights.

You are invited to join our city-of-things project and use our sensor network to evaluate your sensor and radio, to send data, or to develop or evaluate your own smart internet-of-things application.