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Our digiMeter insights are based on the results of a survey - conducted online and offline - amongst 2.164  Flemish respondents. Would you like to help us in this and other research concerning digital media and innovations? Join us!


What is imec.livinglabs?

In a Living Lab study we test and develop future products before they are launched. But rather than doing that in secret, we make the product or service available to a test panel of users. In that way they can use it in their daily life and see if it finds its niche. A living lab does not take place in a scientific test environment full of leading edge technology, but within the daily lives of normal people. Anyone can be a test user.

How do we work?

You get closely involved in the development of product or services. Specifically you can be the first to discuss new applications, devices, services and ideas, thus helping to shape them. Think of test driving an electric car, testing a smartphone app for a month, trying out new ways of watching television etc. Together with the developers we evaluate your impression and experience and adapt the concept where necessary. We do this using an on line questionnaire, interview sessions, relaxed evenings of discussion and product tests. Your opinion is important, you stay up to date with the latest developments and, on top of that, you regularly have the chance to win great prizes as a reward for your cooperation.

Who do we need?

Everyone! We have lots of different projects and we are often looking for different target groups, so all help is welcome. Participation is always voluntary. You certainly don't need any knowledge of technology. Enthusiasm and an opinion are more than enough. Fancy becoming part of the panel?

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