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/Imec at SPIE Photonics West 2021

Imec at SPIE Photonics West 2021

Discover our latest breakthroughs in photonics, imaging and sensing

SPIE Photonics West is the leading event for the photonics communities, and that’s precisely why imec experts are invited to share our latest photonics breakthroughs and developments year after year.

This year you can watch any of our Photonics West presentations from the comfort of your home, regardless of whether you attended the virtual event.

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See an overview of talks below:


Optomechanical ultrasound sensors in silicon photonics (invited), Wouter J. Westerveld (imec)

Optimization of multi-beam silicon photonics based laser Doppler vibrometry for measuring cardiovascular signals on bare skin, Yanlu Li (imec)

Silicon photonic opto-mechanical ultrasound sensor for photoacoustic imaging, Wouter J. Westerveld (imec)

VIS-SWIR wideband lens-free imaging, Abdulkadir Yurt (imec)

Hybrid imaging-based beam-steering system using a photonic integrated circuit outcoupling array, Sajad Saghaye-Polkoo (imec)

III-V-on-Si/SiN lasers realized using micro-transfer-printing, Jing Zhang (imec, KU Leuven)

Integer lattice method for generation of (quasi-)periodic optical coherent lattices, Dmitry Kouznetsov (imec, KU Leuven)

Integrated photonics beamformers and engines for solid-state lidar and beyond, Xavier Rottenberg (imec)

Optimizing multispectral imaging for integration in equipment produced in series, Paul Danini (imec) (Photonics West Industry Session)

Plasmonic transmission color filters with narrow linewidth and enhanced out-of-band suppression, Anabel De Proft (imec)

RFIC front-ends for broadband access technologies (invited), Xin Yin, (Univ. Gent, imec)

Robust polarization rotator-splitter based on imec iSiPP50G silicon photonics platform systems, Reza Safian (imec)

Silicon photonics nonlinear switch as conditional circulator for single-aperture LIDAR systems, Leimeng Zuang (imec)

Towards THz beam steering with integrated phased photomixer arrays, Peter Offermans (imec)


Miniaturization of NIR/SWIR image sensors enabled by thin-film photodiode monolithic integration, Pawel E. Malinowski (imec)

Wafer-scale 2.5D optics in the visible and near-infrared for advanced light management, Xavier Rottenberg (imec)


An on-chip biosensor based on supercritical angle fluorescence, James Shirley Finub (imec, KU Leuven)

High-throughput 3D imaging with compressive lens-free tomography, Zhenxiang Luo

Optimization of multi-beam silicon photonics-based laser Doppler vibrometry for measuring cardiovascular signals on bare skin, Yanlu Li (imec)

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