CMOS scaling

Advanced Germanium p-i-n and Avalanche Photodetectors for Low-Power Optical Interconnects / UGENT
Chen Hongtao

Study of chalcogenide thin films and their application as a cation supply layer in conductive bridge random access memory devices / UGENT
Devulder Wouter

Exploration of Energy Efficient Memory Organizations Exploiting Data Variable Based System Scenarios / UGENT
Filippopoulos Iason 

Quasi 2D Si-O Superlattices for Future Nanoelectronic Applications / KUL
Jayachandran Suseendran 

Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of compound semiconductors using Atom Probe Tomogaphy / KUL
Kumar Arul 

Convolution Based Modeling Methodology for the Fast Thermal Analysis of 3D-Ics / KUL
Maggioni Federica Lidia Teresa 

Modeling and Mitigation of Parametric Time-Dependent Variability in Digital Systems / KUL
Rodopoulos Dimitrios

Tolerant Spectral Filters using Silicon Nanophotonic Waveguides / UGENT
Sarvagya Dwivedi 

Calibration of Models for III-V TFET Performance Prediction / KUL Smets Quentin 

New directions for magnetic memory : alternative switching mechanisms for magnetic random-access memory / TUE
Van Den Brink Arie 

Light-Sound Interaction in Nanoscale Silicon Waveguides / UGENT Van Laer Raphael 

Coping with Time-dependent Variability by a Combined Design and Technology Co-optimization / KUL
Weckx Pieter 

In Depth Understanding of Low-k Dielectric Reliability in Interconnect Systems / KUL
Wu Chen
Controlled Synthesis Pathways Towards Precision Design of Tailor-Made PPVs / UHASSELT
Zaquen Naomy 

Heterogeneous integration

Actieve en Passieve Golflengtefilters voor geintegreerde Spectrometers in Siliciumfotonica / UGENT
Ruocco Alfonso 

Electronics for healthcare and life sciences

Engineered plasmonic and all-dielectric nanostructures for improved optical biomolecular sensing / KUL
Li Jiaqi 

Wireless communication

Spaceborne radar for mapping forest and land use changes: 
An empirical synthesis combining local knowledge, field inventories, lidar and optical remote sensing data
Joshi Pankaj

Towards CMOS Low-Power TX Architectures for High – Datarate mm- Wave Applications / VUB
Khalaf Khaled 

Algorithm and Architecture Co-optimization for Digital Enhancements of Deep Submicron CMOS Transceivers / KUL
Li Chunshu 

Charge based CMOS Digital RF Transmitters / VUB
Paro Filho Pedro Emiliano

CMOS circuits for mm-Wave wireless connectivity / VUB
Szortyka Viki 

Image sensors and vision systems


Flexible electronics

Characterization of Amorphous Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide Thin Film Transistors / KUL
Bhoolokam Ajay Sampath 

Scalable Deposition of Solution-Processed Thin Film Photovoltaics and Organic Light Emitting Diodes / KUL
Tait Jeffrey Gerhart 


Outdoor thermal and electrical characterisation of photovoltaic modules and systems / KUL
Herteleer Bert 

Performance Optimization and Long Term Stability of Integrated GaN Diodes / KUL
Hu Jie 

Long Term Stability of Enhancement Mode GaN Power Devices / KUL
Wu Tian Li

Sensor systems for industrial applications



Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Using a Single Mode Nanophotonic-Plasmonic Platform / UGENT
Peyskens Frederic 

Worst-case Performance Analysis of Scenario-aware Real-time Streaming Applications / KUL
Skelin Mladen 

Synthesis of immobilized metal-organic frameworks for integrated applications / KUL
Stassen Ivo 

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