Developing microelectronic technologies for future wearable health care systems

The Project Next Generation of Body Monitoring(NexGen), targets to develop key microelectronic technologies and componentsfor future mobile/wearable health care systems. The feasibility will be demonstrated along 2 interconnected ubiquitous body monitoring systemsof high social and economic importance,an implanted glucose monitorand a non-invasive on-body multi-parameter monitor. It will be pinpointed that these body monitoring systems facilitate new business cases in the mobile health care system.

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Innovating sports technologies


Nano4Sports creates and develops new innovative technologies for sports and wellness. The combination of sensor technology and smart algorithms helps athletes and sporters to improve their results. 

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Patient-care Advancement with Responsive Technologies and Engagement  

The PARTNER project offers solutions to support the optimal patient journey for chronic diseases through the health system for appropriate personalised care. Data and information collection will be continuous, seamless and patient-centric. Extension of data collection beyond the walls of hospitals will enhance the capture of the full depth of patient data to more accurately reflect their states of wellness and health. Fast collaborative workflows of interpreted and harmonised data representations will increase the productivity of the caregivers and better justify the patient-centric decisions.

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Vitality Living Lab 

Durable ecosystem for data-driven innovation around sports and vitality

The main goal of this project is to create a world-wide ecosystem around sports, wellness and vitality. Together with partners from the Brainport region we combine our expertise and reinforce innovation in the domains of sports, wellness and vitality. Sport field labs will be turned into breeding ground for data collection, innovation and business to create a stronger international market position.  

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