Research towards a Perceptive Sensing Home Control System

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Environmental Sensors for Air Quality

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Calibrated dense city sensing network for environmental parameters.

How much fine dust and electromagnetic radiation is there in the air in your street? Our sensors can tell you.

The Dencity project aims to show how big the impact will be on the relevant data we have available – and whether we need to add even more sensors to the city than there are today. We’re also looking to see if all of these sensors truly have to be top-quality and which cheaper instruments are available for supplying data of sufficiently high quality. This helps us prepare the building blocks for other imec City of Things projects that use large numbers of sensors.

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Ultra-low power technologies and memory architectures for IoT.

PRIME will develop and demonstrate the key building blocks of Ultra Low Power (ULP) systems for Internet of Things (IoT) applications in medical, agricultural, domestics and security domains. The European industry strongly invests in the IoT revolution and has already built up a competitive economical position. By establishing an open ULP technology platform, PRIME could strengthen the leading European eco-system.

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