Work with us in the Netherlands

We make sure your work has impact on technology and society

This is a story of how a team of 100 engineers and scientists changes the world from the heart of the Brainport region in the Netherlands. Here thousands of brilliant minds from all over the world work on groundbreaking technologies.

One scientific invention may speak more to the imagination than many other technological innovations. The limit is where you decide to put it, not where you meet it. Everyone has a starring role in this story. In ten years' time someone will lead a better life thanks to you and your team at imec the Netherlands. How would that look on your resume?

A brilliant idea deserves the best colleagues and a vibrant and informal working environment with flexible arrangements. Each team member contributes by taking on technical challenges from different angles. That way, teams of disruptive innovators, thinkers and do-ers work together on revolutionary ideas that will have an impact on our society and our future lives. 

We are often asked what it feels like working at imec the Netherlands.Whether it is the triathlon athlete Heleen working as a biomedical engineer on sport technology, or Alessio making EOG eyeglass technology for AR/VR applications and Valerio who creates IoT technologies for smart buildings - we are 10 years ahead in time. Our open innovation model enables our customers to transform ideas into advanced applications in healthcare, thin film electronics and in IoT.

Are you curious to know what a typical day at imec looks like?

Join the imec forward thinkers in Holland and take a look at our vacancies!


imec infographic The Netherlands

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