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MM-Wave imaging

About mm-wave imaging

Millimeter-wave imaging technology is widely used in e.g. airport scanners, because it can successfully detect objects trough clothing. However, the systems that are currently in use are slow, time consuming, large, expensive, and have high maintenance costs.

Based on imec’s proven track record in mm-wave IC and antenna design, it is developing a new generation of millimeter-wave imaging solutions that are integrated on chip. These will be easier to use and, have a much smaller footprint combined with a higher resolution and sensitivity, and much lower procurement and maintenance costs.

Systems based on these imaging chips will be disruptive. They will allow imaging, e.g. for surveillance, where it is now unpractical or too costly. They can be much more widely used, e.g. in wall mounted or handheld scanners for security in public spaces and building.

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