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Every year the imec.digimeter report brings us up to date on the possession and use of media (technology) among the Flemish population. The imec.digimeter research is quite unique and has been keeping a close eye on the Flemish media user since 2009.

Findings and results of the imec.digimeter 2016 are based on our annual survey amongst 2.164 Flemings aged 15 and older.

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Only 6,6% of Flemish people have no smart devices at home

On the downside: study reveals that more than one in three Flemish citizens is heavily dependent on their smartphone and/or social media; 13% suffer from ‘digibesity’

Almost everyone in Flanders has one or more devices enabling them to be constantly online wherever they go: only 6,6% indicate that they have no smart devices in their homes. Yet, digimeter also found that not everyone is surfing the digital wave at the same speed. On the one hand, one in three is heavily dependent on their smartphone or social media (and 13% are actually suffering from digibesity). On the other, 11% are unable to use digital applications properly.  

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Interact with the media evolution in 2009-2016

Deze grafiek is mobiel niet beschikbaar.

"Nearly 4 in 10 Flemings have never heard of the concepts of crowdfunding, Lyft, Uber, Airbnb and Couchsurfing."

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Prof. Dr. Lieven De Marez

Head of imec - Ghent University - MICT

Each year since 2009, imec releases the digimeter report, revealing new insights into media and technology adoption, use rate and opinion trends among citizens of Flanders. A singular research project, digiMeter brings valuable information about Flemish media users available to institutions, companies and the general public. 

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