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Contract R&D for life sciences

Imec has unique capabilities that make us a very attractive partner in ensuring that your integrated chip product development is a success. We work with strong, multi-disciplinary teams of world-class scientists. We offer a flexible stage-gated project structure with financial de-risking: proof-of-concept, feasibility, prototyping, volume manufacturing and testing.  

Projects are fine-tuned to meet your needs:

  • Starting from own or 3rd-party IP, we assist with method evaluation
  • Imec’s own broad IP portfolio is accessible to our customers through an attractive licensing scheme
  • Co-develop new IP together with our partners
  • Assist in maturing technologies and fine-tuning specifications in alignment with your application or product needs
  • Collaborating with your internal R&D departments and foster the co-creation of new ideas and IP
  • Develop prototypes and test systems at imec, or we can make the systems available to our customers for testing
  • Full gamut of expertise, metrology and infrastructure in-house at imec
  • Flexible, stage-gated project structure with financial de-risking, including proof-of-concept, feasibility, prototyping, volume manufacturing and testing
  • Provide high-quality scientific reports, flexible collaborations, and a product-oriented mindset
  • Experienced in collaborations with world-class global corporations and R&D teams, combining the flexibility you need for the success of an R&D project with the collaboration standards that are expected in life sciences industries

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