Panel and Community Management

Successful living lab research heavily depends on motivated test users and the right user-generated datasets for further analysis.

Dedicated Panel

Panel & Community Management

We provide you with a dedicated panel that is carefully selected – based upon your needs and goals, and using the ‘lead user toolbox’ methodology. This methodology consists of selecting users with innovation-related characteristics (e.g. usage intensity, expertise, dissatisfaction, etc.) and aims at getting relevant and diverse input from a smaller set of users. This core panel is monitored closely during the living lab activities with PanelKit. This is a platform we developed specifically to activate, motivate and analyze a test community. 

Digimeter as an Example

The imec.livinglabs panel includes more than 21,000 test users. A concrete example of how this potential can be applied, can be found in the yearly imec.digimeter survey – studying media ownership and usage in Flanders, and breaking down the panel into a number of specific media consumption profiles.

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