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Novel memory concepts


To enable fast, low temperature and powerful storage solutions for next generation smart phones, tablets, smart TVs and other pioneering technologies, imec develops memory concepts with increased memory density, while at the same time controlling temperature.

Our solution

Join our industrial affiliation program (IIAP) on advanced memory devices to develop, together with industry leaders, future memory technologies for the terabit era. Our innovations cover:

  • High speed embedded on-chip cache memory such as SRAM & STT-MRAM
  • Scaled high speed dynamic random access memory (DRAM) devices
  • New Storage-class memories for massive data access in short time, such as RRAM
  • Improved NAND Flash memory devices for high performance and mobile devices: high density, low-cost, low-power & non-volatile

Focus on one or more specific aspects of your project and work on a dedicated solution through bilateral research involving just your company and imec.