PCB PBA design manufacturing

Functional and physical design, thermo-mechanical simulation and virtual prototyping.

PCB/PBA design & manufacturing

As part of our aggregation services, we also offer consulting and tools for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Printed Board Assembly (PBA) design and manufacturing.

The center for Electronics Design and Manufacturing (cEDM):

Better Electronics at Reduced Cost through Science Based Methods.

The center’s goal is to support the industry in the development of high quality, reliable and cost-effective electronic assemblies by means of knowledge creation and sharing, scientifically sound methodologies and collaboration throughout the electronic supply chain.

Our core business: industrial and scientific knowledge on industrially available interconnection and component technologies, design, qualification, industrialization, manufacturing and operational reliability:

  • Component packaging
  • Electronic substrates
  • Electronic Assembly Technology & Reliability
  • Chip – Package – Board – System – Environment Interaction
  • Product and system integration

We offer 

  • Electronic assembly design-for-eXcellence guidelines: manufacturability, reliability, test, cost, etc.
  • Customer oriented training
  • Workshops that bring science to electronic product development
  • Development tools, checklists, calculators: for all aspects of electronic assembly design and manufacturing
  • Consultancy services like technology evaluation, hardware failure analysis, thermal and thermo-mechanical simulation etc.
  • Electronic substrate and assembly development and industrialization services
  • cEDM partner & member program providing easy access to science based Electronic Assembly development know-how and early involvement in product development improvement projects
  • The cEDM network provides ample opportunity for technical networking and collaboration, spanning the total electronic supply chain

For more information, please visit our cEDM website.


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