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Engineering your ideas into great products.

Our offering

Are you looking for a trusted partner to engineer your prototypes and products to perfection? A partner with a focus on IoT solutions, smart imaging, and conformal structures? A partner that offers custom solutions and services that are hard to find anywhere else on the market?

Choosing imec for your next product development means tapping into imec’s unique engineering skills, broad IP portfolio, 30 years of R&D in semiconductor-based systems, and access to a global network of partners in the entire semiconductor and system integration value chain.

With this background, imec takes your ideas and transforms them into valuable assets. We apply the best-suited technologies available and offer you a fast-track into your market.

In today’s fast-paced markets, imec is a reliable development partner for the long-term and for multiple product generations. Working with imec reduces your risk and leads to the greatest ROI in terms of time, resources, and investment.

Proven approach

We offer full turnkey solutions or phased projects – always with clearly defined goals and deliverables.

Engineering your ideas into great products

Some of our successful designs

  • Transforming high-quality image to medical OCT (optical coherence tomography)
  • Flexibly interconnected bare-die microLEDs
  • Wrist band to support senior quality of living
  • Stereovision-for-smartphone
  • World-leading expertise

    Imec has proven and acclaimed top expertise in these three areas. To engineer optimal solutions, we combine our unique technology and expertise with best-in-class components:

    Imaging Solutions

    Optical Asseblies - Embedded Software - Camera Platforms

    IoT Smart Devices

    Sensor Selection - Embedded Software - Device Platforms

    Conformal Structures

    Structure Design - Prototyping - Industrial Tool Design

    Proven track record on all stages of engineering


    • Valuable, differentiating IP and technology (e.g. image sensors)
    • Broad integration expertise backed by global leader in R&D 
    • Proven methodology to build reliable, high-quality printed-circuit boards
    • In-house design of mission-critical embedded software
    • In-house, fully-equipped R&D lab
    • Access to world’s premier manufacturers, with in control

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