Prototyping and Testing Support

We support you in translating your innovative idea into a tried and tested software prototype. Whether your innovation is still in a conceptual phase or whether the first building blocks are already available, our prototyping team can help you shape your product into something your future customers can start using today.

Step-by-step approach from concept to product

Usually, a prototype is produced after all technological choices have been pinned down. In our view, however, prototyping is something you do to shape your idea into something tangible as early as possible:

  • We narrow down your concept to a product design with a sound technological architecture, building on our state-of-the-art view on software development.
  • We bring this product design to life using a wide variety of prototyping tools and methodologies, depending on the specific needs of your innovation project.
  • We engage your stakeholders and end-users to assist in co-creating your innovation, combining their insights with input from our own prototyping experts and user experience researchers.
  • End-users from our living lab panels test your prototype in real-life settings, allowing us to iteratively improve your prototype and product design.
  • We help you get your development team on track to developing a successful end product.

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