Online software solution that delivers comprehensive, accurate and actionable equine intelligence to horse riders, owners and stable managers.


Elise Descamps

Business Development Manager

Equicty wants to become a trustworthy business partner for all stakeholders (owners, managers, riders, ...) in the equine industry by adding value through implementation of innovative technologies to gather, analyze and process equine data and transform this data into readily-available and powerful equine intelligence.


Passionate and experienced in the horse riding business, Bram Balcaen, Samir Brahimi and Kristof Goeminne realized stables were still using obsolete methods in their daily management activities. Committed to change that, the founders of imec start-up Equicty developed an innovative platform that gathers, analyzes and processes all relevant data from the horses, allowing stables, riders and owners to continuously improve their business, health and performance of their horses. In less than a year, the start-up secured over 30 clients, with more than 3.000 horses in their system.

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