Smash It!

Smash It! lets you create your own gameshow with state-of-the-art buzzer buttons and software that runs on any smart device.


Sven De Cleyn

Director iStart Program

Smash It! has removed the old, boring format of trivia games. There are no multiple choices, but a real live trivia game with a real quizmaster. Smash It! also has some surprising game elements to add to the excitement. Using real buzzers, try to beat your opponents and guess the name of a song, a logo or a TV show. There are numerous packs of trivia questions which will test your common knowledge too. However you play it, you can’t go wrong.

Once the box is open and you have chosen your quizmaster, download the Smash It! app onto your tablet, laptop or TV. Choose a buzzer each, and everyone can start playing. If trivia is your passion, why not create your own game by logging on to the Smash It! Universe. There you can add your own questions on our cloud platform.

Mini games are part of Smash It! too. They make every game unique and even if you're not into trivia you can score extra points. Educational mini games are a must for any classroom. Students will find learning fun, and teachers will appreciate how much more Smash It! adds to their class.

Organizing a trivia night for a large group of people has never been easier. Let them play in team but shuffle the players after each round. They'll take their individual scores and play the next round with a new team. A great way to meet new people!

Smash It! at Kickstarter

Smash It! launched a campaign on Kickstarter. Until November 2nd the public can make a contribution and help get the project off the ground.

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