Giving pregnant women peace of mind

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) estimates that, worldwide, an average of 353,000 children are born each day; it is a precious moment their parents have eagerly been waiting for – for nine long months…

It's all about emotions

Especially the last couple of weeks in a woman’s pregnancy typically come with a mix of emotions – from excitement and anxiety to – sometimes – even worry. After all, the only factual information the soon-to-be parents get regarding the wellbeing of their unborn child is provided during fortnightly medical consults. And as soon as they get home, concerns rise again; concerns about the likelihood and the consequences of preterm birth, for instance – which still affects 15 million babies per year and is the leading cause of neonatal and childhood mortality.

The question

That led researchers at imec to ask the question: can we help doctors better predict and manage pregnancy complications? Can we give pregnant women peace of mind, providing them and clinicians with real-time, reliable data on the health of their babies and themselves – at any moment, and at their fingertips?

The solution

And the answer proved to be ‘yes’! That is how Bloomlife, an imec spin-off, came to be. Bloomlife offers a solution to track and see contractions anywhere and anytime; in a simple, safe and accurate way – using a patch that includes a sensor, that is highly comfortable to wear, and that is connected to the Bloomlife app.

How we embrace better lives

That is how imec contributes to revamping the future of prenatal care, thereby changing the lives of millions of pregnant women.


Want to learn more. Go to, an imec spin-off.


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