"Working at imec USA is a unique experience"

Aritra Banerjee – senior researcher at imec USA

‘Working at imec USA in Florida is a unique experience, because it’s a small community that is part of a big, international organization,’ says Aritra Banerjee, a senior researcher in the field of RF and mm-wave integrated circuit design. Imec’s USA division in Central Florida was founded in 2016. Currently, there are 10 employees, ranging from recent graduates to seasoned researchers­­­­—an interesting mix of profiles with one common goal: contributing to imec’s cutting-edge research into nanoelectronics and digital technologies.

‘I really enjoy being part of this new, exciting start-up culture at imec USA. Today we are still small, but we are due to expand considerably in the near future. At the moment, they’re building our new research center just across the street from our office. Together with my colleagues, I look forward to making imec USA grow and reach its full potential.”

By pushing technological boundaries and developing innovative solutions, imec aims to improve people’s quality of life. Aritra: ‘The mm-wave communication and imaging projects that we are working on will enable technologies in a variety of fields, ranging from high data rate wireless links to miniaturized imagers for security and medical applications. Working on challenging research problems alongside other motivated and talented colleagues at imec in Florida and Belgium, I know that I truly contribute to the future.’

For Aritra, working away from imec’s main location in Belgium is an enrichment. They have regular team meetings over Skype and he periodically visits the campus in Leuven. Despite being more than 4,500 miles away from the Leuven campus, he feels part of the bigger imec family. ‘We even use the time difference to our advantage: we can work around the clock, which is very convenient when you have to meet a tight deadline.’

Aritra applied for the job because he was attracted by imec’s reputation for ground-breaking research. What he loves most about the job now is imec’s unique R&D culture. Aritra explains: ‘It’s unlike any other place – the open, exploratory and inspiring culture reminds me of academia, but at the same time, we work on very concrete problems in close collaboration with the industry. This combination is what makes imec such an exciting place to work.”


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