/Sustainability/SDG 13: climate action

SDG 13: climate action

How it guides our research

The threat of global warming is becoming more tangible every year. For imec, this is a signal to increase our research efforts into technologies that can help turn the tide:

  • Through our energy research, we support the transition towards a carbonless economy.
  • Our Power-to-Molecules technologies open the door to carbon capture and utilization (CCU): diminishing the amount of CO2 in the air by turning it into useful chemicals like formic acid, ethylene and methanol.
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How it guides our internal processes

Imec is committed to play its own part in reducing CO2 emissions. An objective calculation of our carbon footprint was made in 2018, so we can measure the results of our efforts for carbon reduction. These include:

•    mobility initiatives such as promoting bicycle use and reviewing our car and travel policy
•    fully switching to green energy
•    installing heat pumps in our cleanrooms

However, we realize that climate action is first and foremost a joint effort that requires broad awareness within and outside our campus. That’s why bring up the issue in our educational activities through the RVO-Society, and in our Sustainability Talks for imec employees.

Want to know more?

Read the article by imec expert Jef Poortmans on the possibilities and challenges of renewable energy.