/Sustainability/SDG 7: affordable and clean energy

SDG 7: affordable and clean energy

How it guides our research

Together with our partners, we develop and optimize technologies to create a smart, sustainable grid. We do this through several projects and research tracks.

  • We continue our research into chips that use even less energy, and into hyper-efficient power electronics based on GaN-on-silicon technology.
  • New types of solar cells (such as tandem and bifacial cells) harvest more solar energy, while building-integrated photovoltaics and thin-film solar cells increase our possibilities to integrate solar power in our environment.
  • We’re working on solid-state batteries that have a much larger capacity. And through self-learning algorithms, we’re creating a smart power grid that strives to balance energy supply and demand throughout the day.
  • Our technologies enable Power-to-Molecules, the efficient conversion of (renewable) energy into valuable molecules such as hydrogen.

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How it guides our internal processes and local initiatives

  • As a part of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we are currently fully switching to green energy to power our operations.
  • We’re installing heat pumps in our clean rooms.
  • Imec plays an active role in EnergyVille, an association of several Flemish research institutions that’s a driver in the field of sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems.

Want to know more?

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