Biomedical sensor systems-on-chip


Our biomedical sensor system-on-chip (SoC) is intended for a broad range of wearable health devices and applications.

Versatile, performant and compact

Some key features:

  • Unprecedented number of biomedical analog interfaces on a single chip
    • 3 ECG channels
    • photo-plethysmography (PPG)
    • galvanic skin response (GSR)
    • 2 multi-frequency bio-impedance (BIO-Z) channels to support new applications such as impedance-tomography, body fluid analysis and stroke volume measurements
    • 3 reconfigurable channels
  • On-board digital signal processing
  • High performance, high fidelity operation
  • Multi-day monitoring capability with a single battery due to its very low power operation
  • Small form factor that is easily integrated into wearables that aim for maximum user comfort

What can we do for you?

  • We can assist you with the transfer to volume manufacturing.
  • We have in-house knowledge to help you realize your complete and customized wearable solution from spec to qualified system. 
  • Our industrial affiliation program (IIAP) connects you with imec’s global partner ecosystem, enabling you to share costs and lower risk through collaborative and precompetitive research.

Why work with us?

  • Our technology is clinically validated, demonstrating clinical-grade signal quality.
  • Our teams’ impressive expertise spans across ultra-low power medical sensor electronics, advanced signal processing and data science techniques.

  • You will profit from our extensive partner network across the value chain 

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