Tech Day 18/4. Are you 1 of the 150 life changers in engineering?

Discover how nearly 3,500 people change the lives of 7.5 billion people.

April 18th 2017 will feel like April 18th 2027.

On Tech Day we invite you to come experience the future. At imec nearly 3,500 people change the lives of 7.5 billion people. All of them are part of a larger picture: game-changing technology. During the first Tech Day event we will discover how engineers, operators and technicians lead the cutting edge of their fields of expertise: technology. Among many things on the tour, you will see the processes of a cleanroom, and be educated over the earthquake resistant design of the complex. You will get to experience the key role of technicians in one of our exclusive demos on solar cells, self-propelled vehicles and other projects, and participate in discussions with the forward thinkers at imec about the troubleshooting process, the perfect weld or 5s methodology during a speed date for example. Our Tech Day is custom made, choose what you would like to see based on your high-tech interests.


Until the future, until Tech Day.


Tech Day programme 18/04/2017

Here’s a glimpse of what the Tech Day programme has in store for you.

The following things are available for you as a visitor from 2 p.m. until 8 p.m.

  • Several exclusive high-tech demos by imec specialists

  • Guided tours in our cleanrooms and facilities tour

  • Visits to the HR booth

  • Corporate movies in the auditorium

  • At the end of the Tech Day, there is a networking drink

Our Tech Day programme is still under development and will be regularly updated. On April 18th you will be able to create your own ideal Tech Day in accordance with the hours that suit you best.


Registration form

Sorry, registrations for this event are closed due to full capacity.

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