Scoop Smart Toilet on Lowlands

Smart toilets for a purposeful visit

A special scoop for visitors of the Lowlands festival from 16 to 18 August 2019: they will get a chance to use one of the Smart Toilets at Rabobank's restaurant 'Brasserie 2050'. These Smart Toilets give your visit extra significance: while you do your thing on the toilet, it measures a number of health aspects. Based on this data, you get a suggestion for a menu that fits a balanced nutritional need. 

The toilet is a place that everyone uses on a daily basis. Current smart toilets are equipped with gadgets such as hairdryers, music and hot sprinklers to make toilet visits more comfortable. But the real smart toilet of the future will go even further and help you to gain insight into your health. Thanks to imec The Netherlands, such a technology is now available as a prototype. Visitors of Lowlands will be the first to get a chance to test the Smart Toilets at Rabobank's restaurant 'Brasserie 2050' at the festival. 

How the Smart Toilet works

A visit to imec's Smart Toilet gives more information about your health than you might expect. Urine, heart rate changes and blood pressure changes provide insight into your diet and health. When you sit on the toilet and the sensor in the seat measures a high heart rate, perhaps more fibres and moisture can help. The ion sensor measures the conductivity of your urine and indicates that you may need to consume more liquids. In short: go to the (Smart) Toilet more often. 

At Lowlands, you have the chance to experience this piece of future. While you are enjoying your 'restroom moment', the toilet is busy working things out for you. Based on your visit to the toilet, a food suggestion follows and is linked to the menu in the next-door ‘Brasserie 2050’. This way, you know exactly what you can order and be sure to make the best personal choice of food. Do you need more fibres based on the measurements? Consider the seed bread and perhaps leave dessert. Do you need more hydration? Then the Plastic Soup might be something for you, but it's better not to have a glass of wine with your meal. Curious to know what your personal Lowlands menu suggestion would be? Make sure to visit the Smart Toilet.


Smart Toilet is developed by imec The Netherlands. The prototypes that will be presented at Lowlands 2019 are the result of a collaboration between RabobankThe Food Line-upMOJO and imec Nederland.

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